Images of Bodie and Doyle

Last updated : 18th November 2000

The boys try out their new toy, given to them by Uncle George. A scene from 'Hunter Hunted'

"Resistance is useless!". Actor and comedian Dave King takes on The Professionals during filming for 'Hijack'.

The lads enjoy a laugh during a filming break from 'Slush Fund'.

A CI5 security camera picked up this couple of joyriders taking an uncomfortable interest in this luxury limousine.

"Listen, matey, we're gonna get those repeats and you're not gonna stop us!" All part of the act for this assignment in 'The Untouchables'.

"OK, Cowley, we've got her!" In a desperate attempt to have their pay increased from a "dollar a day" (see 'The Purging of CI5') the lads take Cowley's mother hostage not that she seems to mind too much! (This shot is actually from 'Fall Girl'.)

A scene from 'Need to Know'.

The boys stop off for a quick pose beside the legendary RS2000. Looks like this may have been taken on the set of 'Runner'.

"Are you two always like this?". A shot from the famous motorway chase scene in 'Hunter/Hunted'.

"We're CI5 and we haven't even told our mums we're out!". Reproduced by kind permission of Dave Lucas. Each original copy, which is A4-sized, costs 4GBP plus postage (call Dave on +44 01245 345780). The book Bodie is carrying is the Haynes workshop manual for the Capri!

Martin and Lew messing about on the set of 'Slush Fund'.

On the set of 'Spy Probe' the final episode to be filmed.

The lads on a night out no doubt off to "interview" Knock-Three-Times-For-Fifi....

... Several hours later and: "Tell you what, Ray, that Fifi bird's a bit of a goer, isn't she?! I'm knackered, mate!"

Having apparently killed Paul Coogan, Doyle is on 'The Rack'. (Image kindly supplied by Dave Horder)

A scene from 'Long Shot'. (Image kindly supplied by Dave Horder)

After narrowly escaping a "knee-capping" job, the lads turn tables and charge after Albie's men in 'Runner'. (Many thanks to Patty MacAngus for this colourised version.)

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