Never heard of Calvin and Hobbes? Shame on you! And no, they aren't some weird philosphers, they're a weird 7-year old kid, Calvin, and his 'homicidal psycho jungle-cat', Hobbes as featured in a great comic strip by Bill Watterson for 11 whole years.

Hobbes is a stuffed toy tiger (or not) and is also Calvin's best friend - they have lots of adventures together and make some pretty insightful comments about the world in amongst the laughter. Hmm, maybe they are a couple of philosophers after all!

[Hobbes is my favourite, in case you hadn't spotted that...]

My own personal Calvin and Hobbes favourites...

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The very cool place I found these animations at, JetSwing's Calvin and Hobbes Pages

Thanks to Tigger for converting me to the joys of C&H!

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