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Grow Your Own Pineapple!

A Step By Step pictorial guide
first, buy a pineapple First, pick a nice fresh pineapple. Cut off the top and leave it to dry overnight.
Next, pull off the ring of fruit and cut off any flesh to leave a clean, flat base. Leave this a few more hours to dry. ....then cut off the top
trim its leaves Now pull off a few rings of leaves, working up from the base. You may notice some tiny rootlets between the leaves.
Pot the pineapple top into a small pot of well-drained, gritty compost. Water moderately and put somewhere in filtered (not bright) sunlight until it has rooted itself. ...and pot it up

Here's one I prepared earlier...

Then get the cat on the job.

This pineapple is about a year old here. When I took this picture I was hoping it would produce fruit. The cat (bottom left - black fur, yellow eyes) was hoping it would produce mice!
NEWS! The cat's luck wasn't in. But mine was. To see the proof... here's a picture of my pineapple.